2,159. 7/6/2001

Meeting with members of an unidentified Middle Eastern military on July 6, 2001, Director of the Counterterrorist Center Cofer Black said: ” ‘We know something terrible is going to happen… We don’t know when and we don’t know where. We do know it’s going to be against U.S. interests and it’s going to be big, perhaps bigger than anything we’ve seen before. …The mood in the al-Qaeda training camps is one of jubilation,’ he went on. ‘We’ve never seen them as excited and as happy as they are now.’ Cofer said that the chatter we were picking up was filled with code words and phrases that our analysts regarded as frightening. ‘There’s going to be a great wedding.’ ‘There’s going to be a great soccer game.’ ‘The salesman is coming with great quantities of honey.’ ‘These are all code for a terrorist attack,’ Cofer maintained. ‘We’re sure it’s going to happen, we just don’t know where.’ ”

 – John Kiriakou with Michael Ruby, The Reluctant Spy, Page 100

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