1. 10/16/2012
    “ is the definitive online research for what has been said and written about the events related to 9/11.”
    Richard A. Clarke
    Counterterrorism expert and author
  2. 5/27/2010
    “The website is one of the most important websites that I have ever seen: It has aggregated a massive amount of information from around the world on 9-11, the twin wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Islamic terrorism and national security. It is an amazing one-stop shop for journalists, researchers, academicians, law enforcement and the American public on critical information pertinent to our security.”
    Steven Emerson
    Author, American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us
    Executive Director of The Investigative Project on Terrorism
  3. 10/1/2009
    “What an impressive and massive project. This comprehensive database makes the 9/11 Commission Report look like a skimpy brochure. The unique statement-by-statement historical presentation on 9/11 has never been done, and thankfully someone has taken the time to do it and do it well. The results are fascinating. I read the contents in open mouthed amazement even though I already knew (or at least thought I knew) so much about 9/11.”
    Kamy Akhavan
    President & Managing Editor
  4. 8/26/2008
    “I have never seen any source which is so deep and still so readable”
    Joan Trossman Blein