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911 Searchable database of 7,382 sourced quotes related to 9/11/01

Updated 05/10/16

Welcome to the nonpartisan online searchable database, 9/11 Plus: Events Seemingly Related to 9/11 and Our Subsequent Invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq (from 3-12-47 through 9-11-11).
This project is comprised of 7,382 sourced quotes from government officials, journalists, authors of 141 published works and other media. The work is in the form of a timeline dating from 1947, with some quotes containing links to related documents and videos.

Sourced quotes cover Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and other extremists, oil, what top US officials and experts did and didn't do about terrorist threats prior to 9/11, our invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the aftermath of those involvements.

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