6,380. 5/30/2005

“Another [interrogation] technique approved by OLC [Office of Legal Counsel] was ‘walling.’ An interrogator repeatedly slammed the detainee against a false wall made of plywood or a similar material. Steven Bradbury, a protégé of Ken Starr who became acting head of OLC in 2005, acknowledged [in a memo to CIA Senior Deputy General Counsel John A. Rizzo on May 30, 2005] that walling ‘wears down [the detainee] physically…and undoubtedly may startle him.’ Bradbury maintained, however, that walling is not ‘significantly painful.’ The OLC discounted the impact of walling even when informed that a detainee could be ‘walled…twenty to thirty times consecutively when the interrogator requires a…response.’ ”

 – Peter Margulies, Law’s Detour, Pages 39-40

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