222. 5/15/1987

“The most significant manifestation of the pro-Iraqi bias of U.S. policy was the reaction to a Kuwaiti request in late 1986 that outsiders protect its [oil] tankers from the threat posed by Iran [during the Iran-Iraq War]. After months of diplomatic back-and-forth…the United States agreed to place American flags on eleven Kuwaiti tankers. The U.S. Navy would beef up its presence and activity in the region commensurate with that action. The Reagan administration went along with the ‘reflagging’ of tankers (Operation Earnest Will) in May 1987, but only after months of debate and in the face of considerable congressional opposition.” [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 – Richard N. Haass, War of Necessity, War of Choice, Page 28

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