“Years later, after Saddam’s overthrow, the American-British-Australian Iraq Survey Group (ISG) investigated Iraq’s WMD history.” On September 30, 2004, “The ISG’s American head, Charles Duelfer, confirmed that ‘Iraq’s interest in camel pox and its inclusion in the viral BW [biological weapons] program have led ISG to assess that camel pox R&D was a surrogate for smallpox research.’ …Duelfer reported that the Iraqi regime had been working to develop smallpox weapons before Desert Storm–and that, after Desert Storm, in response to the start of UN weapons inspections, Saddam modified his WMD programs: ‘With an eye to the future and aiming to preserve some measure of its BW capability, Baghdad in the years immediately after Desert Storm sought to save what it could of its BW infrastructure, hide evidence of the program, and dispose of its existing weapons stocks. …the Regime sought to continue a covert BW development effort under the cover of civilian research.’ ”

 – Douglas Feith, War and Decision, Pages 188-189