“On December 11, 1994, [World Trade Center bomber Ramzi] Yousef went to Ninoy Aquino International Airport near Manila [Philippines] to try out his newly developed air bomb. …To get past security, he had removed the liquid from a small bottle of contact lens solution and replaced it with cotton balls soaked in…nitroglycerine. …After takeoff, Yousef went to the rest room and snapped a small fusing system…into the plug on the back of his watch. Then he wrapped the watch around the device and set the timer for four hours. …he hid the bomb in the life jacket pouch underneath his seat cushion. …A short while later, when the plane took off for Tokyo [Japan], Yousef was not aboard. Instead, seat 26K was now occupied by…Haruki Ikegami, twenty-four. …The resulting blast nearly tore Haruki Ikegami in two, killing him instantly. …Ten others were wounded. …Despite severely crippled steering systems, the pilot was able to turn the plane around and land safely in Okinawa.”

 – James Bamford, A Pretext for War, Pages 136-137