“Among the more sensational reports [leaked from Iraq war logs] is one on 31 October 2005 that says Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC] ‘directs Iranian-sponsored assassinations in Basra [Iraq].’ The IRGC is said to provide various militias with instructions on whom to kill and how. It specifies whether to use a handgun or rifle and ‘what part of the target’s body should be targeted, for example, the head, stomach, back or heart. If an order is given to assassinate multiple targets at the same time, the instructions for each target will be different in order to mislead investigators, news media and the public that it is a random act of violence.’ The report goes on to say that the assassins are militia members who have been infiltrated into the Iraqi police, in particular its antiterrorism unit.”

 – Jonathan Steele, “Iraq War Logs: Iran Accused of Plotting Attack on Green Zone,” The Guardian, Oct. 22, 2010