6,799. 9/6/2006

President Bush discussed the interrogation of al Qaeda’s chief of operations Abu Zubaydah in a speech at the White House on September 6, 2006: ” ‘As his questioning proceeded, it became clear that he had received training on how to resist interrogation. And so, the CIA used an alternative set of procedures. These procedures were designed to be safe, to comply with our laws, our Constitution and our treaty obligations. The Department of Justice reviewed the authorized methods extensively, and determined them to be lawful. I cannot describe the specific methods used. I think you understand why. If I did, it would help the terrorists learn how to resist questioning and to keep information from us that we need to prevent new attacks on our country. But I can say the procedures were tough and they were safe and lawful and necessary. Zubaydah was questioned using these procedures, and soon he began to provide information on key Al Qaeda operatives, including information that helped us find and capture more of those responsible for the attacks on September the 11th.’ “

 – George W. Bush, Transcript: “President Bush’s Speech on Terrorism,” The New York Times, Sep. 6, 2006

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