7,266. 9/3/2008

On September 3, 2008, “President Bush authorized a cross-border operation into Pakistan. It was supposed to be a quiet, in-out Special Forces ground raid by about two dozen Navy SEALs on a house believed to be used by al Qaeda in the town of Angor Adda in the FATA [Federally Administered Tribal Areas]. The plan was for the SEALs to seize al Qaeda’s documents and computers… But in that part of the world, people often ran toward automatic weapons fire and explosions–instead of away from the danger–to see what was happening, [Director of National Intelligence Mike] McConnell explained. Civilians were killed in the raid, causing all hell to break loose in the Pakistani press. The raid had been poorly planned and coordinated, McConnell acknowledged. The Pakistani government angrily claimed it was a violation of their sovereignty. Bush was extremely upset about the civilian casualties, and said America would not do that again. In the Bush administration, there would be no more ground operations into Pakistan, period.”

 – Bob Woodward, Obama’s War, Page 8

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