3,791. 9/3/2002

As stated in “The Report of the Iraq Inquiry – Executive Summary”: “104. In his press conference at Sedgefield on September 3, 2002, Mr Blair indicated that time and patience were running out and that there were difficulties with the existing poilcy of containment he also announced the publication of the Iraq dossier, stating that: ‘ … people will see that there is no doubt at all the United Nations resolutions that Saddam is in breach of are there for a purpose. He (Saddam Hussein) is without any question, still trying to develop that chemical, biological, potentially nuclear capability and to allow him to do so without any let or hindrance, just to say, we [sic] can carry on and do it, I think would be irresponsible.’ “

 – Commissioned by the Prime Minister The Right Honourable Gordon Brown MP, “The Report of the Iraq Inquiry: Executive Summary,” IraqInquiry.org.uk, Sept. 3, 2002

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