543. 9/29/1992

“Republican administrations over the past decade had propped up Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran, ignoring bountiful evidence of Hussein’s horrors, [vice presidential candidate Al] Gore argued [in a speech on September 29, 1992]. Saddam Hussein, he exclaimed, ‘had already launched poison gas attacks repeatedly, and [President George H.W.] Bush looked the other way. He had already conducted extensive terrorism activities, and Bush had looked the other way. He was already deeply involved in the effort to acquire nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, and Bush knew it, but he looked the other way. Well, in my view, the Bush administration was acting in a manner directly opposite to what you would expect with all of the evidence that it had available to it at the time. Saddam Hussein’s nature and intentions were perfectly visible.’ ”

 – Stephen F. Hayes, The Connection, Pages 41-42

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