3,996. 9/28/2002

While pushing for the Homeland Security Bill, President George W. Bush had this to say: “Saddam Hussein has got a choice, and that is, he can disarm. There’s no negotiations, by the way. There’s nothing to negotiate with him. He told the world he would disarm 11 years ago, and he’s lied to the world. (Applause.) It’s their choice to make. He must disarm, just like he said he would do. And the United Nations, in order to be effective, must disarm him. But for the sake of our freedom, for the sake of our future, if nothing happens, the United States will lead a coalition to hold him to account and to disarm Saddam Hussein. We owe it to the world to do so.”

 – Transcript, “President Bush Pushes for Homeland Security Bill,” George W. Bush – White House Archives online, Accessed on 7/13/2016

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