7,454. 9/24/2009

From coverage of classified State Department documents exposed by WikiLeaks: “In a Sept. 24, 2009, cable titled ‘Prime Minister Accuses Iran of Trying to DeStabilize Iraq,’ Ambassador [to Iraq Christopher] Hill reported that [Prime Minister] Mr. [Nuri Kamal al-] Maliki had told him that Iran was trying to use its money and influence to try to ‘control’ the Iraqi Parliament and was prepared to provide military support to Shiite militants if political efforts failed. Iran, Ambassador Hill quoted Mr. Maliki as saying, was trying to rally the Shiites to counter the ‘Saudi project to align the Sunni states.’ ”

 – Michael R. Gordon, “WikiLeaks Archive – Meddling Neighbors Torment Iraq,” The New York Times, Dec. 5, 2010

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