5,370. 9/19/2003

Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) Order 39 “dealt with the dismantling of nearly all controls over non-oil foreign investments, with the exception of the banking sector, and allowed unimpeded access to the Iraqi market by foreign investors. On the surface, this example of neo-liberal thinking appeared innocuous enough, given the manifest need of the Iraqi economy for investment, technological transfers and upgrading of management skills. …But the Order was made with little discussion from the Governing Council, and emerged fully formed from the warren of CPA offices dealing with the economy. [Director of Reconstruction in Iraq L. Paul] Bremer signed it into law on 19 September 2003, just as the Dubai IMF [International Monetary Fund]/World Bank annual conference was about to start.”

 – Ali A. Allawi, The Occupation of Iraq, Pages 196-197

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