2,736. 9/19/2001

“On September 19, 2001, [FBI] agents conducting a PENTTBOM [Pentagon/Twin Towers Bombings] investigation of an apartment-mate of [Pakistani/Canadian citizen Shakir] Baloch’s arrested Baloch, who lacked a lawful immigration status in this country and also had false immigration documents. Baloch was ultimately cleared of any terrorist ties. While in detention, according to Baloch, he was beaten by five correctional officers, who picked him up bodily and threw him from corner to corner in his cell, punching and kicking him in the back as he fell. The officers also called Baloch a ‘fucking Muslim terrorist,’ and threatened him, saying, ‘You did this to us. We’re going to kill you.’ For the next three months, Baloch alleges he was subjected to comparable harsh treatment… Baloch was sent back to Canada on April 16, 2002, without personal identification or cash…”

 – Peter Margulies, Law’s Detour, Page 29

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