2,734. 9/19/2001

“[A] hard-line Islamic cleric in Karachi [Pakistan] who condemned the terrorist attacks in the United States as ‘wrong’ for killing innocent people changed tack abruptly and issued a religious decree, or fatwa, calling for a ‘holy war’ against an American military operation from Pakistan and against [President] General [Pervez] Musharraf. ‘It is un-Islamic for any Muslim country or any Muslim armed forces to be part of any military expedition launched against the Islamic Emirate of Pakistan,’ Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai said. Mr. Shamzai leads a powerful sect that propagates deobandism, a belief that has inspired modern revivals of Islamic fundamentalism.”

 – John F. Burns, “Adding Demands, Afghan Leaders Show Little Willingness to Give Up bin Laden,” The New York Times, Sep. 19, 2001

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