3,918. 9/18/2002

On September 18, 2002, former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld testified before the House Armed Services Committee: “But those who raise questions about the nuclear threat need to focus on the immediate threat from biological weapons. From 1991 to 1995, Iraq repeatedly insisted it did not have biological weapons. Then, in 1995, Saddam’s son-in-law defected and told the inspectors some details of Iraq’s biological weapons program. Only then did Iraq admit it had produced tens of thousands of liters of anthrax and other biological weapons. But even then, they did not come clean. UN inspectors believe Iraq had in fact produced two to four-times the amount of biological agents it had declared. Those biological agents were never found. Iraq also refused to account for some three tons of materials that could be used to produce biological weapons.”

 – Donald H. Rumsfeld, Prepared Testimony of U.S. Secretary of Defense before House and Senate Armed Services Committees, U.S. Department of Defense, Sep. 18, 2002

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