3,919. 9/18/2002

On September 18, 2002, Secretary of Defense Donald “Rumsfeld responded to a question from Jim Lehrer [on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer] about whether disarmament could be achieved in Iraq without war: ‘If Saddam Hussein and his family decided that the game was up and we’ll go live in some foreign country like other leaders have done–I mean, clearly the Shah of Iran left, Idi Amin left; *Baby Doc* Duvalier left. There have been any number of leaders who have departed recognizing that the game was over, that they had run their term. So that could happen. It’s entirely possible that the people in that country, a lot of wonderful people who are hostages, they are hostages to a very vicious regime. They could decide the time was up and change the regime from the inside. It’s a repressive regime. It would be a very difficult thing to do. But clearly the overwhelming majority of people–even the army–don’t want Saddam Hussein there.’ ”

 – Charles Duelfer, Hide and Seek, Pages 256-257

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