2,718. 9/18/2001

“Responding to a presidential tasking, [counterterrorism czar Richard] Clarke’s office sent a memo to [National Security Advisor Condoleezza] Rice on September 18 [2001] titled ‘Survey of Intelligence Information on Any Iraq Involvement in the September 11 Attacks.’ Rice’s chief staffer on Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, concurred in its conclusion that only some anecdotal evidence linked Iraq to al Qaeda. The memo found no ‘compelling case’ that Iraq had either planned or perpetrated the attacks…Arguing that the case for links between Iraq and al Qaeda was weak, the memo pointed out that Bin Ladin resented the secularism of Saddam Hussein’s regime. Finally, the memo said, there was no confirmed reporting on Saddam cooperating with Bin Ladin on unconventional weapons.”

 – 9/11 Commission, The 9/11 Commission Report, Page 334

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