3,888. 9/15/2002

As stated in “The Report of the Iraq Inquiry – Executive Summary”: “115. Addressing the question of why Saddam Hussein had decided in mid-September, and not before, to admit the weapons inspectors, Mr Blair stated that the answer was in the dossier, and it was because: ‘his chemical, biological, and nulear programme is not an historic left-over from 1998. The inspectors are not needed to clean up the old remains. His weapons of mass destruction programme is active detailed and growing. The growing of containment is not working. The weapons of mass destruction programme is not shut down; it is up and running now.’ “

 – Commissioned by the Prime Minister The Right Honourable Gordon Brown MP, “The Report of the Iraq Inquiry: Executive Summary,” IraqInquiry.org.uk, Sept. 15, 2002

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