7,448. 9/14/2009

Osama bin Laden “released an audiotape in September [14] 2009 linking the U.S. war on al Qaeda and other jihadi groups to America’s astronomically high debt. Referring to America’s decision to invade Afghanistan, bin Laden again invoked the ghost of the Soviet Union. ‘Russian generals,’ he said, ‘who learned lessons from the battles in Afghanistan, had anticipated the result of the war before its start, but you do not like those who give you advice. This is a losing war, God willing, as it is funded by money that is borrowed based on exorbitant usury.’ Bin Laden continued, ‘The accumulated debts incurred as a result of this war have almost done away with the U.S. economy as a whole.’ ”

 – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Bin Laden’s Legacy, Page 168

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