2,600. 9/14/2001

Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith said, regarding retaliation for 9/11: “There was pressure on the President [Bush] to ‘go soon,’ he [Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld] told us [on September 14, 2001], but this created a danger that we might do ‘something hollow, ineffective, embarrassing.’ Because our first action would likely be ‘moderately ineffective,’ Rumsfeld insisted that the United States should ‘do something that has three, four, five moves behind it.’ He wanted our government to plan for a ‘sustained, broad campaign’ that would surprise people and include economic, political, and other moves, not just military action. Reiterating that the threat we faced was from a global terrorist network, not just one organization, he told us: ‘Don’t over-elevate the importance of al Qaida.’ ”

 – Douglas Feith, War and Decision, Pages 49-50

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