3,865. 9/13/2002

“Fresh evidence has emerged that [U.K. Prime Minister] Tony Blair’s discredited Iraqi arms dossier was ‘sexed up’ on the instructions of Alastair Campbell, his communications chief, to fit with claims from the US administration that were known to be false. …In a keynote speech to the UN on 12 September 2002, Bush claimed: ‘Should Iraq acquire fissile material, it would be able to build a nuclear weapon within a year.’ This contradicted the first draft of the British dossier, drawn up two days earlier, which stated that it would take ‘at least two years’ for Iraq to get the bomb. The Cabinet Office has disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act that those who drafted the dossier were immediately asked to compare British claims against the US president’s speech. The next day [September 13, 2002] the dossier’s timescale was halved to claim Iraq could get the bomb in a year.”

¬†– Chris Ames and Richard Norton-Taylor, “Alastair Campbell had Iraq Dossier Changed to Fit US Claims,” The Guardian, Jan. 10, 2010

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