2,590. 9/13/2001

Former President George W. Bush recalled: “On September 13 [2001], [Secretary of State] Colin [Powell] called [Pakistani] President [Pervez] Musharraf and made clear he had to decide whose side he was on. He presented a list of nonnegotiable demands, including condemning the 9/11 attacks, denying al Qaeda safe haven in Pakistan, sharing intelligence, granting us overflight rights, and breaking diplomatic relations with the Taliban. Musharraf faced intense internal pressure. Turning against the Taliban was unthinkable for hardliners in his government and intelligence service. I called Musharraf from Camp David during a break in the war council meeting. ‘I want to thank you for listening to our sad nation’s requests, and I look forward to working with you to bring these people to justice,’ I said. ‘The stakes are high,’ Musharraf told me. ‘We are with you.’ “

 – George W. Bush, Decision Points, Page 188

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