5,301. 8/8/2003

“After the [Iraq] invasion, an exhaustive search for evidence of a [al-Qaeda/Iraq] linkage found none, and by August 2003, former Bush administration national security and intelligence officials had been forced to admit that the evidence used to make this Iraq-al-Qaeda claim contradicted the conclusions of key intelligence agencies.” From the National Journal on August 8, 2003, ” ‘Our conclusion was that Saddam would certainly not provide weapons of mass destruction or WMD knowledge to al-Qaeda because they were mortal enemies,’ said Greg Thielmann, a weapons analyst…at the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research. ‘Saddam would have seen al-Qaeda as a threat, and al-Qaeda would have opposed Saddam as the kind of secular government they hated.’ ”

 – Al Gore, The Assault on Reason, Page 110

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