3,712. 8/8/2002

In a paper she circulated on August 8, 2002, titled ‘Declaratory Policy on UN WMD Inspections in Iraq,’ National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice stated: ” ‘The goal of the United States is to guarantee the verifiable elimination of Iraq’s WMD. Elimination is called for by the UN mandate, and is the only way to protect the national security of the United States… The essential issue is disarmament by Iraq, not inspections by the UN. Under [UN Security Council Resolution] 687, Iraq is obliged to disarm itself of all WMD. The Iraqi regime had succeeded in shifting the burden from itself to the UN. Most of the world now believes that the UN has the burden of proving Iraq’s noncompliance with its obligation to disarm. In fact, Iraq has the burden of proving its compliance with its UN obligations.’ ”

 – Douglas Feith, War and Decision, Page 302

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