1,241. 8/7/1998

“At the time of the [African embassy] explosions [on August 7, 1998], an alert Pakistani immigration supervisor at the Karachi Airport noted a visitor arriving shaved while his Yemeni passport showed him with a beard. ‘Are you a terrorist?’ he innocently asked Mohamed Sadeek Odeh. In fact, Odeh was a Jordanian national of Palestinian heritage who had fled Nairobi [Kenya] on the eve of the bombing, after setting up the infrastructure for bin Laden and helping in every element of the setup. He did not answer the question but tried to convince the immigration officer that the bombing was a religiously correct act. ‘I did it all for the cause of Islam,’ he later told interrogators. Bin Laden ‘is my leader, and I obey his orders.’ He gave the names of all his collaborators to Pakistan interrogators. Extradited to Kenya, he made a full confession to Kenyan and later to U.S. authorities.”

 – Roy Gutman, How We Missed the Story, Page 134

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