7,792. 8/4/2011

“A top-secret document revealing how MI6 [British foreign intelligence service] and MI5 [British domestic security service] officers were allowed to extract information from prisoners being illegally tortured overseas has been seen by the Guardian. …Entitled ‘Agency policy on liaison with overseas security and intelligence services in relation to detainees who may be subject to mistreatment,’ it was given to intelligence officers handing over questions to be put to detainees. …The document set out the international and domestic law on torture, and explained that MI5 and MI6 do not ‘participate in, encourage or condone’ either torture or inhuman or degrading treatment. Intelligence officers were instructed not to carry out any action ‘which it is known’ would result in torture. However, they could proceed when they foresaw ‘a real possibility their actions will result in an individual’s mistreatment’ as long as they first sought assurances from the overseas agency.”

 – Ian Cobain, “UK’s Secret Policy on Torture Revealed,” The Guardian, Aug. 4, 2011

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