2,228. 8/4/2001

Alleged 20th hijacker Mohamed al-Kahtani arrived in the U.S. at Orlando International Airport on August 4, 2001. “As he attempted to go through immigration, inspector Jose Melendez-Perez grew suspicious. Al-Kahtani had no return ticket, limited funds, no hotel reservations, and he refused to identify the ‘friend’ he said was waiting for him. That friend, videotape from airport surveillance cameras showed, was [9/11 lead hijacker] Mohamed Atta… The immigration inspector thought something seemed odd about al-Kahtani, so he refused to allow him to enter the country. …before long, al-Kahtani was on a plane headed back toward Dubai. Military forces later captured him near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and sent him to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, under military guard.”

 – John Ashcroft, Never Again, Pages 201-202

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