6,451. 8/25/2005

During one of Senator Feingold’s listening sessions in Wisconsin, “One minister, however, summarized the growing mood in Wisconsin when he spoke at the Star Prairie Community Center on August 26, 2005, my first listening session after I proposed my one-year timetable bill. Reverend Andrew Tetzlaff confessed: ‘I have been angry sometimes, livid with anger, every day since March 19, 2003, when we moved against Iraq… I Have told the congregation I preach to how I feel about this. Some like it and some didn’t like it. There’s no use in you telling me not to be angry… And I can no longer look at the president. If I see his face, I turn away. And if I hear him speak, I hit the mute button.’ Across the country, the emotion was building. You could find it all the way from the liberal salons of New York to the taverns of rural Montana to the coffee shops of northern Wisconsin. Yet you wouldn’t know it from conversations on foreign trips with elected officials from those same places.”

 – Russ Feingold, While America Sleeps, Page 133

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