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After seeing the recent release of the 28 pages [actually 29 pages] from the 2002 Congressional Investigation Report,  that were held back by the Bush Administration – Simon Henderson wrote, “Now we know why the Bush administration wouldn’t let the public see the infamous 28 pages detailing Saudi Arabia’s connection to 9/11. Those pages from a 2002 congressional investigation into 9/11 were finally released [recently] and they are devastating. Investigators found strong evidence that some of the hijackers were in contact with, and received support and assistance from, individuals who may be connected to the Saudi government, including two Saudi intelligence officers. One of those men, Osama Basnan, received a significant amount of cash from a member of the Saudi royal family. When captured, al Qaida leader Abu Zubaydah had in his phone book the unlisted number of a company that managed the Colorado home of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the then Saudi ambassador to the U.S. and a Bush family friend. The report also concluded that members of the royal family had been funneling money to Islamic extremists; my own reporting back in 2002 found that Saudi princes were paying off Osama bin Laden to cause trouble elsewhere but not in the kingdom. In response to the release of the report, the Saudis said there was no proof of any link to terrorists, and the matter is now finished.  No, it isn’t.” [Editor’s note: The 28 pages (actually 29 pages) were released on, or about July 16, 2016.]

 – Simon Henderson, “The Saudis’ involvement in 9/11,” The Week, Vol 16, Issue 781, July 29, 2016

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