5,280. 7/24/2003

President George W. Bush: “Our brave troops still face danger in Iraq because there are people there who hate the thought of a free society. They can’t stand freedom. And they’re dangerous. But we’re finding these terrorists, as well, and we’re bringing them to justice. As you know, earlier this week, two of the favorite henchmen of Saddam Hussein were brought to justice. They were discovered and their violent careers ended in justice. These two sons of Saddam Hussein were responsible for hundreds and hundreds of people being tortured and maimed and murdered. And now the Iraqi people have seen clearly the intent of the United States to make sure that they are free and to make sure that the Saddam regime never returns again to Iraq.”

 – Transcript, “President Discusses Economy, Jobs in Michigan,” George W. Bush – White House Archives online, Accessed on 7/27/2016

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