6,050. 7/22/2004

In its section on “Government Response to the Threats” in the 9/11 Commission’s final Report, which was issued on July 22, 2004, although the Bush administration was warned of a terrorist threat, “The Sept. 11 attacks fell into the void between the foreign and domestic threats … No one was looking for a foreign threat to domestic targets,” and that “In sum, the domestic agencies never mobilized in response to the threat. They did not have direction, and did not have a plan to institute. The borders were not hardened. Transportation systems were not fortified. Electronic surveillance was not targeted against domestic threat. State and local law authorities were not marshaled to augment the FBI’s efforts. The public was not warned.”

 – 9/11 Commission, “9/11 Commission Report” (final), July 22, 2004, Page 265

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