2,136. 7/2/2001

CIA Director George Tenet provided a written statement for the 9/11 Commission on March 24, 2004. He wrote: “During the week of July 2, 2001, reacting to a rash of intelligence threat reports, I contacted by phone a dozen of my foreign liaison counterparts to urge them to redouble their efforts against al-Qa’ida. The chief of the Counterterrorist Center, the chief of the Near East Division, and others made additional urgent calls. These calls resulted in several arrests and detentions in Bahrain, Yemen, and Turkey.”

 – CIA, “Statement for the Record of the Director of Central Intelligence Before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States,” (Office of Public Affairs, CIA), The Central Intelligence Agency’s 9/11 File:, The National Security Archive, March 24, 2004

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