7,593. 7/21/2010

“Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg described the 2003 invasion of Iraq as illegal on Wednesday [July 21, 2010], putting the new coalition government under pressure to clarify its position on the war. …’I am happy to account for everything that we are doing in this coalition government, a coalition government which has brought together two parties working in the national interest to sort out the mess that he [foreign secretary Jack Straw] left behind,’ Clegg said during an unusually tetchy exchange [in Parliament]. ‘Maybe one day, and perhaps we’ll have to wait for his (Straw’s) memoirs, he could account for his role in the most disastrous decision of all, which is the illegal invasion of Iraq,’ he added.”

 – “Britain’s Clegg Says Iraq Invasion was ‘Illegal,'” Reuters, July 21, 2010

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