1,703. 7/15/2000

“In July [2000], [future 9/11 hijackers] Mr. [Mohamed] Atta and Mr. [Marwan] al-Shehhi enrolled at Huffman Aviation International in Venice, on Florida’s west coast. In October, their friend from Germany, Mr. [Ziad] Jarrahi, began attending another Venice flight school, Florida Flight Training Center. Across the country in San Diego, two Arab men, Nawaq Alhamzi and Khalid al-Midhar, arrived at yet another flight school, announcing that they wanted to learn to fly a Boeing jet. At that point, neither man knew how to fly at all.” [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 – Tim Golden, Michael Moss and Jim Yardley, “Unpolished Secret Agents Were Able to Hide in Plain Sight,” The New York Times, Sep. 23, 2001

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