5,229. 7/13/2003

“It proved impossible to select a single leader for the Governing Council [which was established in Iraq on July 13, 2003], and it was finally settled that a representative group of nine would form an executive council. The leaders chosen were Abd el-Aziz al-Hakim (SCIRI [Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq]); Ibrahim al-Jaafari (Da’awa Party); Muhammad Bahr ul-Uloom (independent Islamist); Ahmad Chalabi (INC [Iraqi National Congress]); Ayad Allawi (INA [Iraqi National Accord]); Adnan al-Pachachi (independent liberal); Muhsin Abd el-Hamid (Iraqi Islamic Party); Jalal Talabani (PUK [Patriotic Union of Kurdistan]); and Massoud Barzani (KDP [Kurdistan Democratic Party]). Of the nine, five were Shi’a, two Sunni Arabs, and two Kurds. Three were Shi’a Islamists and one was a Sunni Islamist. It was decided that members of the leadership council would take turns, alphabetically and on a monthly basis, as head of the Governing Council. The first head during the month of August 2003 was to be Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari.”

 – Ali A. Allawi, The Occupation of Iraq, Page 191

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