6,403. 6/28/2005

Former Director of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) L. Paul Bremer addressed a reunion of CPA members on June 28, 2005. ” ‘We will complete the mission [in Iraq]… When I go around the country, I usually make the point that this is going to be a tough, long struggle. It’s going to take a lot of patience. But I also point out that we Americans are not quitters. We didn’t quit in the eighteenth century until we turned out the British. We didn’t quit in the nineteenth century until we had abolished slavery. We didn’t quit in the twentieth century until we chased totalitarianism off the face of Europe, and we’re not going to quit in the twenty-first century in the face of these terrorists.’ ”

 – Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Imperial Life in the Emerald City, Page 298

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