5,978. 6/28/2004

FBI Special Agent George Piro and Saddam Hussein discussed the Iraq-al Qaeda relationship on June 28, 2004. Saddam “stated the Iraqi government did not cooperate with BIN LADEN. SSA [Supervisory Special Agent] Piro asked HUSSEIN ‘why not’ since Iraq and BIN LADEN had the same enemies, United States and Saudi Arabia. SSA Piro then cited him the quote ‘my enemy’s enemy is my brother.’ HUSSEIN replied that the United States was not Iraq’s enemy, but that HUSSEIN opposed its politics. If he wanted to cooperate with the enemies of the United States, HUSSEIN would have with North Korea, which he claimed to have a relationship with, or China.”

 – FBI, “Casual Conversation, June 28, 2004,” Saddam Hussein Talks to the FBI:, The National Security Archive, June 28, 2004

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