638. 6/26/1993

Following the June 26, 1993, assassination attempt on former President George H.W. Bush in Kuwait, President Bill Clinton “ordered air strikes on the Iraqi intelligence headquarters. Clinton explained the decision in an address to the nation. ‘[T]here is compelling evidence that there was, in fact, a plot to assassinate former President Bush; and that this plot, which included the use of a powerful bomb made in Iraq, was directed and pursued by the Iraqi Intelligence Service. We should not be surprised by such deeds, coming as they do from a regime like Saddam Hussein’s. …Saddam has repeatedly violated the will and conscience of the international community. But this attempt at revenge by a tyrant against the leader of the world coalition that defeated him in war is particularly loathsome and cowardly. …Saddam Hussein has demonstrated repeatedly that he will resort to terrorism or aggression if left unchecked. Our intent was to target Iraq’s capacity to support violence against the United States and other nations, and to deter Saddam Hussein from supporting such outlaw behavior in the future. Therefore, we directed our action against the facility associated with Iraq’s support of terrorism, while making every effort to minimize the loss of innocent life.’ ”

 – Stephen F. Hayes, The Connection, Pages 59-60

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