5,167. 6/18/2003

Weapons inspector David Kay “left Washington for Qatar on June 18 [2003]. …Within three weeks, they had tracked down 50 to 60 [Iraqis]…including scientists, technicians, and senior bureaucrats. They questioned them, went through their offices, and dug through documents. A fairly consistent picture began to emerge. ‘The nuke story was falling apart,’ Kay recalled. ‘We were getting a clear picture of what their nuclear capability had been…it was worse, much worse than it had been in ’91 at the start of the first Gulf War.’ More interesting was the state of the chemical and biological weapons program. There was nothing to back up the idea that there had been stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons. They found nobody who had produced, guarded, transported or knew about those kinds of weapons.”

 – Bob Woodward, State of Denial, Pages 227-228

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