3,538. 5/8/2002

“Interrogators alternatively provided and then withheld short-term pain killers from [al-Qaeda operations chief] Abu Zubaydah, who was shot in the groin during his arrest in March 2002 in the eastern Pakistani city of Faisalabad. It was perhaps no surprise that he provided information that led to the arrest of Jose Padilla upon landing at Chicago’s O’Hare airport after a flight from Zurich [Switzerland] on May 8, 2002. (Padilla, a Puerto Rican from Chicago who converted to Islam while serving an American prison sentence, was accused of embarking on a reconnaissance mission for an eventual ‘dirty bomb’ operation and, although a U.S. citizen, was jailed in a Navy brig in South Carolina as an ‘enemy combatant’ and denied access to counsel.)”

 – Jonathan Randal, Osama, Page 261

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