7,053. 5/31/2007

In Appendix D of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s May 31, 2007, report under the “Additional Views of Chairman John D Rockefeller IV, Senator Ron Wyden, Senator Bayh, And Senator Whitehouse”: “The Committee’s report on the Intelligence Community’s pre-war assessments on post-war Iraq reveals that there was a steady flow of cautionary judgments sent to senior policy officials in the Bush Administration warning that securing the peace in Iraq would be difficult and success uncertain. The most chilling and prescient warning from the Intelligence Community prior to the war was that American invasion would bring about instability in Iraq that would be exploited by Iran and al-Qa’ida terrorist…What the Administration also kept from the American people were the sobering intelligence assessments it received at the time warning that the post-war transition could allow al-Qa’ida to establish the presence in Iraq and opportunity to strike at Americans it did not have prior to the invasion.”

 – Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, “Report on prewar intelligence assessments about postwar Iraq, together with additional minority views,” May 31, 2007, Page 188

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