2,047. 5/30/2001

Then-CIA Director George Tenet recalled a meeting on May 30, 2001, with National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, regarding terrorism: ” ‘How bad do you think it is?’ Condi asked. [Chief of the Counterterrorism Center] Cofer [Black] told her that during the millennium the terrorist threat situation was an ‘eight on a ten scale.’ Right now, he said, we were about at a ‘seven.’ [Counterterrorism czar Richard] Clarke told her that adequate warning notices had been issued to appropriate U.S. entities. The FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] issued warning notices, embassy security was tightened around the world, military installations in the Middle East went on higher alert levels.”

 – George Tenet with Bill Harlow, At the Center of the Storm, Page 146

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