7,565. 5/26/2010

“The Obama administration’s new national security strategy, in a formal break with the go-it-alone legacy of President George W. Bush, calls for the U.S. to use its massive military power in concert with friends and allies. A summary of the U.S. National Security Strategy, obtained on Wednesday [May 26, 2010] by The Associated Press, also makes the safety of Americans the highest security priority and calls for the U.S. to bolster its power through diplomatic and development efforts. …The new strategy is expected to repudiate, at least implicitly, the 2002 National Security Strategy adopted by former President George W. Bush. That document created a doctrine of U.S. unilateral action and pre-emptive wars.”

 – Anne Gearan, “Obama Breaks with Bush Doctrine in New Security Policy,” Associated Press, May 26, 2010

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