3,573. 5/23/2002

Speaking before the German Bundestag (Parliament) on May 23, 2002, President Bush “alleged that ‘the authors of terror’ were seeking nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. ‘If these regimes and their terrorist allies were to perfect these capabilities,’ he warned, ‘no inner voice of reason, no hint of conscience would prevent their use. …'[W]e will and we must confront this conspiracy against our liberty and against our lives.’ In closing, he told the members of the Bundestag that the United States and Germany were joined in purpose to protect the safety of their people and the fate of their freedom. To accomplish this purpose, it was necessary to adopt a more proactive defense policy: ‘We will build a world of justice,’ Bush said, ‘or we will live in a world of coercion.’ ”

 – Stefan Halper and Jonathan Clarke, America Alone, Page 140

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