624. 5/15/1993

“…the Clinton administration adopted the policy of ‘dual containment.’ This was announced in May 1993. The policy was designed to isolate Iran and Iraq, politically, economically and militarily. Iraq was recognized as posing the more immediate danger. The preferred tools were diplomatic and political measures, coupled with a rigorous enforcement of UN sanctions against Iraq. Support for the opposition, as a key element in a regime-change strategy, played a secondary and limited role in this unfolding policy. It also signaled the abandonment of balance-of-power considerations whereby the USA favoured or tilted towards either Iraq or Iran. The balance, if any were needed, was to be provided by a large-scale military US presence in the area.” [The 15th of the month used for date sorting purposes only.]

 РAli A. Allawi, The Occupation of Iraq, Pages 64-65

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