3,501. 4/6/2002

President George W. Bush, during a Joint Press Conference with the British Prime Minister: “Adam, the Prime Minister and I, of course, talked about Iraq. We both recognize the danger of a man who’s willing to kill his own people harboring and developing weapons of mass destruction. This guy, Saddam Hussein, is a leader who gasses his own people, goes after people in his own neighborhood with weapons of — chemical weapons. He’s a man who obviously has something to hide. He told the world that he would show us that he would not develop weapons of mass destruction and yet, over the past decade, he has refused to do so. And the Prime Minister and I both agree that he needs to prove that he isn’t developing weapons of mass destruction.”

 – Transcript, “President Bush, Prime Minister Blair Hold Press Conference,” George W. Bush – White House Archives online, Accessed on 7/7/2016

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