6,353. 4/25/2005

In a “Joint Statement by President Bush and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah” on Saudi Arabia’s commitment to Iraq: “Both nations pledge to continue their cooperation so that the oil supply from Saudi Arabia will be available and secure. The United States appreciates Saudi Arabia’s strong commitment to accelerating investment and expanding its production capacity to help provide stability and adequately supply the market. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States commit to actively help the Iraqi people realize their aspirations to build a secure, sovereign, prosperous, and unified nation at peace with its neighbors and where Iraqis of all religions and ethnic groups are free to participate in its institutions. Both nations call on the international community to support Iraq’s political and economic development. Both nations urge neighboring states not to interfere in Iraq’s internal political affairs.”

 – Office of the Press Secretary, “Joint Statement by President Bush and Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah,” George W. Bush – White House Archives online, Accessed on 9/1/2016

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